Caring for a senior loved one requires a lot of time and energy. Even the most ambitious caregivers come to realize they can’t do it alone. Eventually, they will have to ask for help from friends and family. One of the most effective ways they can organize and share their caregiving responsibilities is by creating a care calendar.

A care calendar is a tool you can use to organize your caregiving duties and share them with family members. By assigning jobs to different relatives, you can not only avoid caregiver burnout, but you can also improve the quality of care your loved one receives. Use the following tips to start creating your calendar.

How to Create a Care Calendar for Family Caregivers

  1. Make a list of all your caregiving duties.

The first step for creating a care calendar is to list all your caregiving duties. Be specific about each task. Do your best to include when the task needs to occur and how long it will take. This will help everyone understand exactly what needs to be done and if they can fit it in their schedule.

A few items you may want to add to your calendar include:

  • Rides to doctor’s appointments
  • Assistance with grocery shopping and meal prepping
  • Social time
  • Medication schedule
  • Household chores like washing dishes and laundry
  1. Send the list to your care team.

Once you come up with all the jobs that need to be completed, send the list to everyone on your care team. Your care team consists of anyone who is willing to help. In addition to family members, you can include neighbors and close friends.

Have everyone sign up for the job they can assist with. It’s important for everyone to be realistic about what they can and cannot do. There are scheduling tools that can help you list, share, and edit tasks.

A few calendars that may be helpful include:

  • CareCalendar
  • Lotsa Helping Hands
  • Google Calendar
  1. Include long-distance family members.

When assigning responsibilities, include relatives who live far away. It’s a common misconception that long-distance family members can’t help. There are plenty of jobs that can be done remotely.

Long-distance family members can assist with:

  • Managing finances, including paying bills and budgeting
  • Arranging for additional assistance or locating a local assisted living community
  • Being the information tracking coordinator, which includes tasks like researching health problems, medications, and clarifying insurance benefits and claims

Caring for a Loved One Requires Help

 Caring for a senior loved one requires teamwork. Care calendars make it easier to coordinate responsibilities to provide better care for your senior loved one. Unfortunately, not all caregivers have family available to help. In this case, it may be worth considering a move to an assisted living community.

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