Accepting that it’s time for an aging parent or family elder to sell their home and move to an assisted living or memory care community can be tough. Adult children and families often delay broaching the subject of moving as it can be so emotionally difficult.

It’s also a discussion that can overwhelm families. Many put off talking about senior living because they don’t know where or how to start the search for a care community that will be a good fit for their loved one.

This is where a senior care advisor can help.

Senior care advisors like the ones at SeniorHousingNet offer support and guidance to older adults and their loved ones. This includes educating families on the variety of care options and local providers who might be a good fit.

Why Work With a Senior Care Advisor?

An experienced senior care advisor can save you time and money. They help families narrow their focus to the right level of care and the communities or home care agencies that meet the senior’s personal criteria.

Another advantage of working with a senior care advisor is having access to insider knowledge of the senior care market. An experienced local care advisor knows which care communities earn high marks from residents, their families, and state surveyors. And, equally as important, which care communities don’t.

Questions to Ask a Senior Care Advisor

During your first call with any senior care advisor you are considering working with, take a few minutes to ask these important questions:

    • How do you help a senior find a community that is a good fit for their needs?

    • How do you help us determine what type of care is needed?

    • How much experience and what kind of training do you have as a care advisor in the senior care industry?

    • How many families are you currently working with?

    • How many families have you helped find a senior living community?

    • How long does it typically take for a family to find a community?

    • Do you set up the appointments and tours for us?

    • Do you have pricing for the communities you refer us to?

    • How many communities do you typically recommend we visit?

    • Will you provide us with some tips on what to look for on our senior living visits and what questions to ask?

    • Are you aware of any financial resources that might help pay for care?

    • Will our family be required to sign a contract with you?

    • How much do you charge for your advice and guidance?

    • Do you have contact information for senior-friendly realtors and moving companies?

Free Advice and Support for Seniors

At SeniorHousingNet, we’ve helped thousands of seniors connect with care providers that meet their needs and allow them to live their best quality of life. We’re confident that we can help you, too. Call us at 800-304-8061 to learn more. Our advice and guidance are always free for seniors and their families.