From children’s busy schedules to the distance that sometimes separates families, getting several generations of a family together can be difficult. But the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is an important one for both the older and the younger generations.

For grandchildren, time spent with older adults can promote better self-esteem and improve social skills. It also gives kids an opportunity to learn more about their family heritage, while helping them develop healthy attitudes about aging.

For grandparents, the benefits are numerous too. Older adults find a sense of joy and fulfillment from spending time with children. Kids also help keep seniors more physically active and engaged with life.

Because quality time together is often so difficult to arrange, it’s a good idea to plan some fun intergenerational activities for both the young and old to enjoy.

6 Activity Ideas to Promote Intergenerational Bonding

1.  Attend a sporting or cultural event

Having a favorite sports team or a favorite destination to bond over and explore is fun for all ages. Whether it is a baseball game, an outdoor concert at the zoo, or a trip to the local art museum, consider planning an intergenerational outing.

2.  Plan a movie night

Technology has made it much easier to host your own movie night. Whether it is streaming the latest children’s movie in your living room or setting up a “movie theater” outside using a projector and white sheet, it can be a fun way to relax and enjoy a few laughs together.

3.  Grow a Garden

Gardening is an enjoyable and healthy hobby at every age. Whether it is a container garden full of flowers and herbs or a raised bed with vegetables, gardening can be an opportunity to grow and nurture something together. For families who live close by, the grandkids can help with watering and garden maintenance. For those separated by greater distances, FaceTime can be a great way to share the garden’s progress.

4.  Take a class together

Families that learn together also grow together. Kids feel empowered when they’re learning alongside the adults in their lives. Seniors benefit when they’re able to share their wisdom and knowledge on a subject.

5.  Get creative

Arts and crafts projects are another fun way for several generations to enjoy their time together. You don’t have to be particularly artistic either. Local craft stores have prepackaged projects such as bird houses, garden stones, and holiday ornaments you can buy and create as a team.

6.  Whip up a favorite family treat

Many families have recipes that have been passed down through the generations. A great activity for grandchildren and grandparents to engage in is whipping up a few of those favorite family recipes.

Intergenerational Activities and Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities routinely host intergenerational activities to allow grandparents and grandchildren opportunities to bond and grow. If you’ve been considering making a move to an independent or assisted living community, we can help.

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Photo by Michael Morse from Pexels