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1 Assisted Living communities in Richmond, MI | 8 nearby communities

Assisted living communities are residential homes for seniors that provide assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs), and oftentimes offer additional services including transportation and housekeeping. Residents have the choice to use as much or as little assistance as they please, allowing them to retain their independence. Many assisted living communities also offer amenities for residents to enjoy, such as a fitness center and lounge area, and organize planned social activities.

There are 1 assisted living communities to choose from in the Richmond area. Explore our listings to compare the amenities, floor plans, and services available at each residence.

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1. Leisure Manor of Richmond

68453 Stoecker Lane, Richmond, MI, 48062

Assisted Living

From $4500 / mo

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8 matching communities nearby Richmond

1. Torrey Pines House of Bread

34720 24 Mile Road, New Baltimore, MI, 48047

Assisted Living

Call for Pricing (866) 882-3746

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2. StoryPoint Chesterfield

51760 Gratiot Ave., New Baltimore, MI, 48051

Assisted Living

Call for Pricing (866) 946-6888

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Prestige Commons, Chesterfield, MI

3. Prestige Commons

33503 23 Mile Road, Chesterfield, MI, 48047

Assisted Living

Call for Pricing (866) 956-0235

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4. Walnut Creek Living

49228 Walnut Creek Dr, Macomb, MI, 48044

Assisted Living, Assistive Living, Respite Care-Short Term Stay, Supportive living

Call for Pricing (866) 975-4278

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5. Sandalwood Valley

33255 26 Mile Road, New Haven, MI, 48048

Assisted Living

Call for Pricing (866) 981-1799

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6. Sandalwood Village

47640 Gratiot Ave., Chesterfield, MI, 48051

Assisted Living

Call for Pricing (866) 983-0331

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Angelica's Place, Romeo, MI

7. Angelica’s Place

328 East Lafayette Avenue, Romeo, MI, 48065

Assisted Living

Call for Pricing (866) 984-3845

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8. Sandalwood Creek

5485 Smiths Creek Road, Smiths Creek, MI, 48075

Assisted Living

Call for Pricing (877) 828-9665

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What is Assisted Living?

Hundreds of thousands of American seniors utilize assisted living, a figure that is only growing. For these seniors, assisted living combines residential housing,assistance in daily activities, and some healthcare. These communities also strive to provide an atmosphere that is comfortable and engaging for their residents… Read More >