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18175 W Banff Ln., Surprise, AZ 85388


Care Types: Assisted Living

Our home on Banff Lane is a beautifully decorated home with many active residents. Families of our residents really love getting together on holidays and sometimes just for fun. Many of the families will bring over food to help prepare big meals, and eat at the table with all our residents.

The caregivers at Banff really encourage a family atmosphere. Some of our caregivers will even accompany a family if they take their loved one out on a mini-vacation every so often. It’s wonderful to see what a tight-knit community has evolved in this home. …. SHOW MORE

From good food to activities, people in this home enjoy spending time together. Whether it’s working out with our personal trainer, playing games, barbecuing or going for a walk, everyone likes hanging out with each other. Our manager started this home with his father when he was much younger. Then his father sold it to us. We are doing everything we can to keep that family tradition alive.

Intimate Assisted Living Community Setting:

Easy to navigate, our inviting community features private and semi-private accommodations, spacious and beautifully decorated common areas, and a beautifully landscaped outdoor area offering a place for our residents to enjoy fresh air with friends and family.

Personalized Assistance:

Each resident is evaluated as part of the assisted living program to allow us to offer the specific services that they need to maintain their independence. Our staff can assist with everything from personal hygiene to medication monitoring and management. We get to know our residents and watch for changes that indicate the need to change or increase their level of care.

Healthy, tasty meals:

Our assisted living staff delights in bringing the residents the best local produce and ingredients to make their dining experience a joy every day. Some of our homes are growing their own nutritious and fresh food. We work with nutritionists and doctors to make sure the meals are appropriate for their condition.

Never a dull moment:

Our community calendar is filled with the scheduled daily activities at our assisted living home designed to make every day special. To stay active, we offer activities, social gatherings and fitness sessions that are appropriate for a variety of skills, interests and senior needs. We also take residents out of the home periodically on trips to local attractions.

Top-Notch Memory Care Based on the Latest Science

Our Specific Protocol Actions

  1. A Ketogenic diet – Lowering the carbs in your diet puts you into a state called Ketosis. Ketosis means your body makes Ketones which can help the brain thrive. We have some amazing cooks who make delicious ketogenic meals
  2. Supplements – When you or your loved one arrives at one of our homes, we do a lot of blood testing. Based on this blood testing, we will recommend the proper supplements to optimize everything.
  3. Exercise – We have a personal trainer who helps our residents work out 4-5 times per week.
  4. Sauna – One of the big contributing factors to cognitive decline is a toxic load. Saunas help you sweat out all those toxins from your skin.
  5. Red Light Therapy – Red and infrared light has been proven to excite the mitochondria (the energy factor) in your cells and put healing processes into gear. We have red lights that residents can do every day.
  6. Hyperbaric Oxygen – When you breathe oxygen under pressure, it forces oxygen into your brain, which helps all the nerves heal. We have a provider nearby with hyperbaric oxygen chambers that we can use.


  • Entry Fee Required
  • Respite Care Available
  • Entry Fee is Required
  • Licensed by the State
  • Some Pets Are Allowed

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