Senior living communities are vibrant hubs of activity and events. It’s one reason why many older adults decide to make the move to one. Residents can participate in a wide range of daily activities, such as wellness programs, book clubs, gardening, art workshops, and movie nights. Older adults who call a senior living community home can be as busy as they choose to be every day.

Choice is the key. While some older adults enjoy the bustle of a busy day, others don’t. An introverted senior may be more comfortable limiting their participation in group activities in favor of spending more time alone.

If you or an older family member is hesitant to make this transition, here are a few reasons why introverts can find happiness in a senior living community.

4 Reasons Why Introverts Can Be Happy in Senior Living

1.  Privacy is protected.

One fear that keeps introverts from moving to a senior community is losing their privacy. The very idea of living in a congregate setting can be intimidating.

In senior living communities, every resident has their own individual apartment, villa, or suite. While the living area may be smaller than they are used to, it is their own private space. They also have the peace of mind of knowing that care team members are usually nearby if they need a helping hand.

2.  Residents are free to set their daily schedule.

While senior communities have plenty of opportunities for residents to join formal activities and informal gatherings, participation is not mandatory. Residents set their own schedules. There are many solitary activities they can engage in, such as yoga, stretching, art workshops, craft classes, and more. Each resident decides for themselves how to spend the day.

3.  There are a variety of meal options.

Some seniors love the companionship and discussions that often accompany a more formal dinner. Getting dressed up and enjoying a meal in the dining room is just one option. But other choices are available for an introverted resident who prefers a quiet meal.

Senior living communities usually offer a variety of meal settings to meet every preference. In addition to cooking in their own apartment, residents can choose from options such as grab-and-go bistros, coffee shops, and luxurious dining rooms. Understanding they have a choice can ease the anxiety an introvert might feel about senior living.

4.  Timing of staff visits is flexible.

An introvert researching senior living communities may also worry about how much say they’ll have in which team members enter their apartment, and when. The services of caregivers, housekeeping, and maintenance are typically included in the rent. A more reserved older adult may need to be reassured that they will have a voice in deciding if and when team members visit. Boundaries and privacy will be honored. The exception may be if there is an emergency or if staff suspects the resident is ill or in danger.

Let Us Help in the Search

One way to minimize stress for an introvert and make this search go smoothly is to utilize the services of an experienced senior care advisor. Our care advisors know the ins and outs of local communities. Their guidance is always free for seniors and their families!

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Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary on Unsplash