It may take time to get used to living in the smaller quarters of a senior living apartment, but that doesn’t mean the interior design can’t be just as harmonious as your former home. Incorporating the principles of feng shui can help.

The Chinese design philosophy provides tips for organizing and decorating so that positive energy can enter your home, and subsequently your life. Here are five guidelines to get you started.

1. Focus on the entryway

The entrance to your home is a gateway for positive energy, or chi, to enter your body and home. Thus, it is important to keep the main doorway area clean and inviting, to allow more energy to enter and nourish you and your living space. You shouldn’t block the entry with objects such as a coat rack or a bag of trash.

2. Cut out clutter

It can be difficult for anyone to part with a lifetime of possessions, so it’s understandable that older people’s homes are often cluttered. However, clutter can make homes feel stagnant, block positive chi energy, and create safety issues. Think carefully about what you want to save, get rid of unneeded items, and keep surfaces clear to help eliminate tripping and health hazards. Keep only the things you use regularly–especially if you don’t have a lot of storage space–and see if you can borrow items that you need only infrequently.

3. Incorporate mirrors

Placing a mirror in a dark area can help brighten and bring positive energy to a space. So carefully position mirrors to reflect things you enjoy looking at, like nature and the outdoors. However, don’t put mirrors in front of a door, which will repel the energy entering your home.

4. Incorporate nature

Incorporating live plants into your surroundings will literally bring life and positive energy into your home. Seniors’ homes can often attract negative energy when homeowners keep the house too dark and not enough air is circulating. The simple act of drawing back the shades, opening a few windows, and selectively positioning plants will allow in fresh air and breathe life into a space.

5. Personalize your space

Good feng shui will make you feel comfortable in your home, so it’s important to incorporate colors, art, and other style touches that will help you to relax and feel refreshed. Try not to go overboard with one color, but instead use complementary hues to bring balance into your life.