Published: October 15, 2023
Reviewed by: Deidre Sommerer, LPN, MS, CMC, CDP

If you’re a Christian, the church likely plays a large part in your spiritual, social, and community life. So, you may prefer to retire to a community that supports their religious beliefs and practices.

Christian senior living communities offer the same services and amenities as standard senior living options. The difference is that they approach the care they provide through Christ’s teachings. This means that residents have access to spiritual advisors, places of worship, and a community of other residents, caregivers, and administrative staff who share their beliefs.

There are compelling reasons for seniors to opt for faith-based senior care. Research on the effects of religion is conducted frequently, and it consistently shows that religious individuals tend to be happier than non-religious people. Additionally, studies have shown that those who have religious affiliations tend to live longer than those who don’t.

Fortunately, numerous Christian communities nationwide provide for seniors of varying religious denominations. This guide offers insight into Christian senior living, how it differs from regular care, and what to anticipate from other Christian senior communities. It also gives recommendations on finding a suitable Christian community and financial resources that can assist you as you age.

What Is Christian Senior Living and How Is It Different From Other Senior Care?

What Is Christian Senior Living and How Is It Different From Other Senior Care?

Faith-based retirement communities offer the same personal care, medical assistance, and amenities as secular communities that offer equivalent care. However, faith-based communities are built around the principles of their religion and include spiritual care as part of their services.

There are Christian senior living communities that cater to those who follow Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox traditions. Additionally, you can find non-denominational communities that prioritize the teachings of Jesus Christ in the care they provide. These communities welcome individuals of all faiths, including non-religious seniors who seek quality care. Some even offer services for those of other religions, like kosher meals.

What Is Offered In Standard Senior Living Communities? 

A wide range of housing options are available to meet the varied needs and budgets of seniors in the community. Whether a facility has a religious affiliation or not, the care and amenities follow the standards below.

Type of CareTypical Services and AmenitiesBest Suited For
Independent LivingNo care services provided, but maintenance is usually included. Amenities may include social activities, community spaces and meals.Seniors who can live independently but want to downsize and reside in a community of peers with well-planned amenities.
Assisted LivingAssistance with activities of daily living, such as grooming and bathing. Facilities typically provide meals, social activities and access to community spaces.Seniors who need some assistance with daily tasks, but can still be somewhat independent. 
Skilled Nursing Facility CareA licensed physician oversees care and daily therapy is often available, such as physical or occupational therapy. Meals are provided, but social activities may be limited as the focus is on health care.Seniors who are frail or have complex medical conditions and need 24-hour care. These facilities can also be a temporary living option for people recovering from illness or injury.
Memory CareAssistance with personal care needs, such as grooming, laundry and housekeeping. Many communities offer specialized activity programs to engage residents. Caregivers have specific training and the campus has enhanced security features for resident safety.Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.
Adult Day ProgrammingSupervision, social activities, lunch and snacks are typically provided. Adult day health care may include some health monitoring and access to social workers, but this isn’t universal.Seniors who live with a caregiver but need professional care during the day. Can also be used for daytime respite care when needed.  These can be a medical or social model, with the medical model providing some personal care.
Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)Amenities and services depend on the level of care needed, but meet the same standards as stand-alone communities of that type. CCRCs make it easy for seniors to transition to a higher level of care as needed.Seniors who want to stay in the same community as their needs change. Also couples who have different care needs but want to live in the same community.

Christian Senior Living  Communities Services and Amenities

In addition to these standard amenities, Christian senior living communities have spiritual services and activities available to residents. What this includes depends somewhat on the denomination of the community, although the broad categories are the same. 

Social Activities

Christian communities generally offer spiritual activities for residents. Bible study groups, prayer meetings, and church choir groups are popular within these communities.

Senior communities with a Christian philosophy often provide chances for residents to contribute. They may organize events that benefit local or global charities and encourage intergenerational activities and volunteer work. These communities foster an environment where residents can pursue their ideas for good works. For instance, if the craft group within the community wants to create items for those in need, the facility can leverage its connections to make that happen.

Devotional Services

Most Christian senior living communities have either a chapel or church on campus or are close to an affiliated place of worship. Residents can generally visit at any time to pray or meditate, and services are also held regularly.

Various religious groups provide different services and practices. Catholics hold daily masses for those who wish to participate in Holy Communion every day, and their priests are often available for on-site confessions once a week. Orthodox communities commonly offer the sacrament of confession. Protestants typically have weekly services and also organize prayer groups and fellowship gatherings during the week.

If you’re a senior who doesn’t want to sever ties with your current church, you can inquire about the facility’s transportation services to nearby churches. This way, you can still participate in your usual church-related activities and maintain your connection to your religious community while also being part of a Christian community experience.

Spiritual Counseling

Many Christian communities have a chaplain on site to offer spiritual guidance and assistance to their residents. This can be especially helpful for seniors transitioning from living independently to living in a senior community. Additionally, chaplains can assist individuals in coping with grief and accepting their illnesses. In Orthodox and Catholic communities, the chaplain’s role may extend to administering sacraments such as the anointing of the sick and last rites in palliative care situations.

Although standard senior communities may have social workers available and counselors on staff, many seniors find that support through a pastor or chaplain is more helpful. Chaplains offer guidance within the familiar framework of faith and provide a steady presence as older adults face the challenges of aging. 

Financial Assistance

Although it’s not the norm, some Christian retirement communities may provide either low-cost care for needy seniors or offer financial support to residents. This may involve giving care if an individual’s financial resources run low. Not every Christian facility can provide this, but it may be worth asking for any available help if you’re on a very low income.

Christian Community

Survey data from the Pew Research Center finds that relationships through the church are a significant reason why religious Americans are mentally and physically healthier, happier, and more satisfied with their personal life than non-religious individuals. Moving into a Christian retirement community could mean you’ll be surrounded by church friends, which can help foster a sense of belonging.

You’ll also join a community of people who share your beliefs, values, and traditions. The people around you will celebrate Easter or Christmas, sacrificing for Lent or observing the Apostles’ Fast. Doing these things together can enhance feelings of belonging and decrease any social isolation you might feel if observing these traditions in a secular facility.

Who Operates Christian Senior Communities?

Nonprofit organizations operate in most Christian senior living communities. They often have a board of directors affiliated with local churches, and this board makes operating decisions. As nonprofit associations, these communities aren’t operated to make money, so any proceeds are used for everyday operations, to improve the facility, or to fund other organization programs.

Senior communities with a Christian focus can be managed as for-profit organizations. In such cases, the owner’s Christian principles guide the facility’s operation. The choice between a for-profit or nonprofit community depends on the culture you seek and the services and amenities offered. It’s important to remember that for-profit communities may be sold or managed by new owners, which can affect their operation.

Most states have regulations that govern the day-to-day operations of all licensed senior communities. No matter the ownership structure of your new home, it must follow the regulations of the state. These differ depending on your location and the type of care provided, but can include an administrator with certain qualifications or a registered nurse on staff to manage health care concerns. 

What To Expect from Christian Senior Living

It’s important to remember that all licensed senior living communities must adhere to their state’s relevant rules and regulations. This means that the level of care provided should be the same whether you choose a Christian or standard senior care option. The major difference between secular and faith-based care is the providers’ philosophy and the culture created in the community. Understanding what’s offered in each type of facility can help you decide what level of care is right for you.

Independent Living

Independent living communities are also commonly called retirement communities or 55-plus communities. They are independent homes, usually in a planned neighborhood or apartment building. These communities also have a range of amenities, social activities, and communal spaces that allow residents to stay active and engaged. No personal care services are offered, as the homes are designed for seniors capable of living independently. However, the houses are smaller, allowing for easier housekeeping. Services and amenities provided by Christian independent living communities may include:

  • Maintenance such as yard care and gutter cleaning
  • Communal spaces such as libraries, gardens and fitness centers
  • Transportation to appointments and local shops
  • On-campus church or chapel
  • Resident or visiting pastor or priest
  • Some or all meals
  • Social activities including games, Bible studies and group outings

Adult Day Care

Adult day care provides care to seniors during the day, typically on weekdays. This may be when their normal caregivers are at work. Many families also use it for occasional respite. This group care generally provides social activities and meals. Some may offer adult day health care services, which include limited health care such as checkups and medication reminders. Christian adult day care often includes the following services and amenities:

  • Supervision during work hours
  • Social activities such as prayer groups, card games and fitness activities
  • A nutritious lunch
  • Visits from chaplains or other spiritual advisors

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a service for elderly individuals who are mostly independent but require assistance with certain daily activities like grooming, eating, or walking. Typically, residents are provided private rooms within a larger building, although some facilities offer small apartments. Along with personal care, these facilities provide various amenities to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of the residents. Christian assisted living communities may include a wide range of services and amenities, such as:

  • All meals and regular snacks
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Housekeeping, laundry and maintenance
  • Private rooms
  • Communal indoor and outdoor spaces such as game rooms, walking trails and libraries
  • On-campus chapel or church
  • Resident or visiting spiritual advisor
  • Transportation to appointments, local shops and churches
  • Social activities such as Bible studies, bingo and choir

Memory Care

Memory care is a specialized type of senior living for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory impairment. Most memory care facilities are smaller neighborhoods operating within assisted living facilities; however, this care can also be provided as a separate community or within a nursing home. Most services and amenities provided are identical to those found in assisted living facilities, but the environment is designed to enhance cognition and improve the mental well-being of residents. Christian memory care communities often include the following services and amenities:

  • Specially trained staff
  • Assistance with activities of daily living, housekeeping and maintenance
  • Secured facilities that prevent wandering
  • On-site church or chapel
  • Resident or visiting pastor or chaplain
  • All meals and snacks
  • Communal living areas
  • Activities designed for people with cognitive impairment

Skilled Nursing Facility

Skilled Nursing Facilities provide top-notch care for elderly individuals who require specialized medical attention and cannot care for themselves. These facilities offer round-the-clock medical assistance and personal care services. While they do not prioritize providing a variety of amenities and recreational activities, residents can still participate in group events and utilize communal living areas. Christian nursing homes may also have additional offerings.

  • Nursing staff on-site all day and night
  • Other medical staff available, including physicians and therapists
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • On-site chapel
  • Visits from spiritual counselors such as a priest or pastor
  • Devotional services

Continuing Care Retirement Community

CCRCs, or continuing care retirement communities, offer various care options all in one place. In some cases, this includes independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care, and memory care. One of the best things about CCRCs is that residents can easily move between different levels of care without having to move away, which is especially important for those in a church community. It’s also helpful for couples with varying care needs but want to live together. CCRCs offer similar services and amenities to other communities, but they also encourage social activities involving everyone in the community. This allows residents to make new friends and stay connected even if their care needs change. Christian-focused CCRCs also offer amenities and services that align with residents’ faith and values.

  • Easy transition to different levels of care when needed
  • Communal areas such as game rooms, fitness centers and gardens
  • Meals and snacks
  • On-site church or chapel
  • Social activities
  • Transportation to local churches and appointments and for group outings

How Much Does Christian Senior Living Cost? 

The cost of senior living varies widely depending on the level of care provided, the amenities offered, and whether seniors live on-site at a facility. The religious affiliation of a senior living community doesn’t usually affect the cost of care. However, many Christian communities are run as nonprofit organizations so they may be more affordable than privately owned facilities.

It’s important to remember that location also has a big impact on price. Average assisted living costs in the United States range from $3,000 in Missouri to $6,830 in Alaska. There can even be a large variation within states. In Michigan, for example, nursing home care averages $7,893 in Monroe and $10,235 in Kalamazoo. The prices below are the average costs for different types of senior living in the United States. 

Type of CareAverage Monthly Cost
Adult Day Care$1,690
Independent Living$2,925
Assisted Living$4,500
Memory Care$5,625
Skilled Nursing Facility (semiprivate room)$7,908
Non-Medical-Home Care$4,957
Medical Home Health Care$5,148

The Genworth 2021 Cost of Care Survey provided the abovementioned costs for adult day care, assisted living, nursing home, and in-home care. However, data for independent living or memory care costs isn’t available. People commonly perceive independent living as 30-40% cheaper than assisted living, so we determined the figure above by subtracting 35% from the average cost. Conversely, memory care usually costs 20-30% more than assisted living, so we calculated the above figure by adding 25% to the average price.

Tips for Finding a Christian Senior Living Community 

Tips for Finding a Christian Senior Living Community 

Whether Christian or not, all senior living communities have their own unique culture. Finding the one that matches your personality can take some time. Start by getting a list of possibilities that you can then investigate further. These tips can help you find communities that are likely to suit your needs.

  • Speak to your local church. Many Christian senior communities have affiliations with local churches or have board members who are members of congregations. This means your pastor may have recommendations for good communities in the area.
  • Research online. The internet can be a good source for information about senior living. Searching for Christian senior care in your area can give you a list of nearby communities.  
  • Contact nonprofits. Some Christian nonprofit organizations run senior living communities. Even those involved with other charity work are likely to have connections with the local Christian community, so they can give you recommendations for facilities that may suit your needs. 
  • Ask family and friends. Word of mouth is a great way to find a good community, as your family and friends know your likes and dislikes. If you have friends currently living in senior care, especially church friends, reach out and ask about their experiences and the options they explored. 
  • Look for communities close to places of worship. If all else fails, you can look for senior living options close to places of worship. Many Christian communities open close to churches they’re affiliated with, so exploring the neighborhood close to a church may be helpful. This is especially true if your church is a rarer denomination, as senior facilities are likely to be located close to the congregation. 

Before deciding, visiting the senior living communities you’re interested in is highly recommended. This will help you evaluate their culture, services, and how comfortable you feel there. You can use a checklist to help you narrow down your options and find the right community for you.

Where to Find Christian Senior Living 

To help you begin your search, we’ve compiled a list of Christian senior living communities available in each state.


  • Lauderdale Christian Nursing
    Address 2019 Co. Rd. 394, Killen, AL 35645

    Lauderdale Christian Nursing is a residential care home for people who need help with activities of daily living and skilled nursing services. The community offers therapy and an exercise program to help people stay fit, as well as weekly outings and Sunday morning worship services. A certified dietary manager is available to help with meals.

  • Wesley Place on Honeysuckle
    Address 718 Honeysuckle Rd., Dothan, AL 36305

    Wesley Place is a place where 166 old people live. The place has people to help the seniors with their activities of daily living and also provides transportation and medication services.


  • Thomas Center for Senior Leadership
    Address 2190 E. Tudor Rd., Anchorage, AK 99507

    The Thomas Center for Senior Leadership is a Christian home for seniors who want to live independently. It has one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as studio apartments. The center has a room where seniors can do crafts, an exercise room, and a patio with a grill and firepit. It also has basement storage and covered garage spaces.


  • Christian Care Cottonwood
    Address 859 S. 12th St., Cottonwood, AZ 86326

    Christian Care Cottonwood is a place where people can live even if they need help with some things. People who live there have their own apartments with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space. The facility also has a big lobby for socializing and games and walking paths for people who like being outside.

  • Christian Care Tucson
    Address 10 N. Maguire Ave., Tucson, AZ 85710

    Fellowship Square–Tucson is a community for Christian older adults who want to live independently or need some help. It offers different types of apartments, and utilities, transportation, and housekeeping are included. An emergency call system and security are available 24/7. There are also many activities to choose from, like therapy, computer classes, and local outings.


  • Mercy Crest
    Address 1300 Strozier Ln., Barling, AR 72923

    Mercy Crest is an assisted living facility for Christian seniors. It has 102 private rooms that are wheelchair accessible. Residents get catering, housekeeping, laundry, and transportation to medical appointments. Staff are on call 24/7 to help with medications and activities like eating and grooming. There are also community events and games for residents to enjoy.

  • Parkway Village
    Address 14300 Chenal Pkwy., Little Rock, AR 72211

    Parkway Village is a Christian assisted living community for older adults. It has studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with kitchenettes that come with appliances and most utilities. Residents receive 24/7 support, help with activities of daily living, daily meals and weekly housekeeping and laundry service. Medical aid includes medication management and on-site nursing care. The community also has an activity calendar for residents to enjoy.


  • Artesia Christian Home
    Address 11614 183rd St., Artesia, CA 90701

    Artesia Christian Home is a community for older adults that offers different types of living depending on how much help an individual needs. It is based on faith and has different floor plans including apartments, cottages, and private rooms. The community is secure with an emergency call system in case something happens.

  • Bancroft Senior Homes
    Address 5636 Bancroft Ave., Oakland CA 94605

    Bancroft Senior Homes is a community of 61 apartments that is affordable for low-income seniors. The one-bedroom apartments have carpet and come with a kitchen. Some of the apartments are easy to move around in for people who have trouble walking. Everyone who lives there can park their car in a private parking lot and use the washing machines and dryers whenever they need to. The community has a room where people can hang out together and plans activities for groups of residents.


  • Christian Assisted Living Home
    Address 22247 E. Hinsdale Ave., Aurora, CO 80016

    The Christian Senior Living Community is a place where up to eight seniors can live and get help with things they need. The rooms are private or semiprivate, and people in wheelchairs can use them. The people who live there get healthy meals that are cooked just for them. The community also offers laundry and cleaning services, and help with taking care of medications and personal grooming needs.

  • Hatler-May Village
    Address 5640 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80918

    Hatler-May Village is a community for low-income seniors who are Christian. The residents can choose from one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments. All of the apartments have wall-to-wall carpet and a kitchen with appliances included. The common areas include a business center. This facility has on-site parking and an electronic security system. There is also an emergency call system in place.


  • Elim Park
    Address 150 Cook Hill Rd., Cheshire, CT 06410

    Elim Park is a community for seniors that offers independent and assisted living. It is faith-based and has customized floor plans. There is also a fitness center, indoor pool, and three restaurants on site. Residents can get help with activities like dressing and bathing if they need it.

  • The McAuley
    Address 275 Steele Rd., West Hartford, CT 06117

    The McAuley is a Christian community on 26 acres. It offers independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. There are classes and trips off-site for entertainment and shopping. Chef-prepared meals are served daily.


  • Acts Mid-Atlantic Region Office
    Address 726 Loveville Rd. Suite 3000, Hockessin, DE 19707

    Cokesbury Village is a Christian-based senior living community that offers independent living, assisted living, dementia care, palliative care and skilled care. It has a computer room, performing arts center, indoor swimming pool and library with a reading room. The full-time Life Engagement Coordinator plans activities from music classes to overnight trips to ensure seniors have plenty to do.


  • Advent Christian Village
    Address 10680 Dowling Park Dr., Live Oak, FL 32060

    Advent Christian Village is a Christian community for seniors that provides different levels of care, depending on what residents need. The campus is very large, spanning 1,200 acres, and there are plenty of activities to do both on and off site. Social and spiritual activities are available for residents who want to participate, and there are also physical, occupational, and speech therapy options available as well as regular wellness checkups.

  • Trinity Springs
    Address 12120 Co. Rd. 103, Oxford, FL 34484

    Trinity Springs is a Christian-based senior community that offers assisted and independent living, as well as memory care. Depending on individual needs, assistance with personal care and housekeeping is available. Dining options include chef-prepared meals, made-to-order favorites or anytime breakfast choices. For entertainment, residents can take advantage of the on-site movie theater and take part in recreational outings.


  • Christian City Assisted Living Center
    Address 7290 Lester Rd., Union City, GA 30291

    The Christian City Assisted Living Center is a large campus that includes residences for independent living, assisted living, and nursing care. Assisted living residents can receive help with taking their medication and various therapies. Nursing care is available 24/7. Both programs offer many activities as well as Bible studies and religious services.

  • Vineville Christian Towers
    Address 2394 Vineville Ave., Macon, GA 31204

    Vineville Christian Towers is a place where Christian seniors aged 62 and over can live affordably. Residents can choose from studio and one-bedroom apartments, both of which have kitchenettes and cable TV. The community features a spacious lobby, a computer lab where residents can meet up with others, and a beauty salon for monthly pampering.


  • Boise Christian Homes Inc
    Address 3223 36th St., Boise, ID 83703

    Boise Christian Retirement Village provides housing that is not too expensive and is based on faith. The community has a lot of pretty features, including a pergola for relaxation and hanging out with friends, as well as a church for worshiping every day. There are different sized units to choose from, depending on how many bedrooms you need, and all of them look nice. If you live here, you can get involved in lots of activities like gardening and playing music or bingo.


  • Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center
    Address 3470 N. Alpine Rd., Rockford, IL 61114

    The Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center offers different types of living arrangements and care for Christian seniors. The amenities, which are meant to improve quality of life, include a fitness center, beauty salon and lounge areas. Each resident gets a care plan that is based on their individual needs and includes help with everyday tasks. There is also a lot of different activities to choose from.

  • Hickory Point Christian Village
    Address 565 W. Marion Ave., Forsyth, IL 62535

    Hickory Point Christian Village is a community for seniors. It has staff that can help with living or give assistance when needed. The community is based on Christian values. There are different types of homes to pick from depending on what the senior wants. There is also a clubhouse where residents can socialize and take part in different activities.


  • Crown Point Christian Village
    Address 6685 E. 117th Ave., Crown Point, IN 46307

    Crown Point Christian Village is a community for Christian seniors. It is located on a 70-acre campus with scenic views. The village offers different types of living arrangements and care depending on the needs of the residents. There are places for people who need help with daily activities, memory support, skilled nursing, or who want to live independently. Different kinds of apartments and rooms are available, including ones with private or semi-private bathrooms. The village also has a fitness and wellness center that residents can use.

  • Parkview Village Christian Care
    Address 800 S. West St., Odon, IN 47562

    Parkview Village Christian Care is a community for seniors where they can live independently or with assistance. The staff can help residents with things like bathing, getting dressed, and cleaning their rooms. Residents can also enjoy three meals per day and participate in social, recreational, and educational activities.


  • Risen Son Christian Village
    Address 3000 Risen Son Blvd., Council Bluffs, IA 51503

    Risen Son Christian Village is a Christian senior community that offers short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, independent living and memory care options. There are caregivers who are available to help with daily tasks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This community also has maintenance-free accommodations, delicious meals, engaging activities and transportation services.

  • Westhaven Community
    Address 112 W. 4th St., Boone, IA 50036

    Westhaven Community is a retirement community for Christians. Residents get help with taking their medicine and doing everyday activities. They can also join a mental wellness program. There is a calendar of activities, and the community has a restaurant-style dining room, a small library, a beauty salon, and outdoor common spaces. Residents’ fees include meals, housekeeping, and laundry.


  • Lawrence Presbyterian Manor
    Address 1429 Kasold Dr., Lawrence, KS 66049

    Lawrence Presbyterian Manor is a place for seniors who want to live independently, with some assistance, or need short-term or long-term care. Every month, we have three different activity calendars with classes, exercise programs, and trips that you can sign up for. We also have a fitness center, library, and arts and craft room on site for your enjoyment.


  • Friendship House Hopkinsville
    Address 2310 Faulkner Dr., Hopkinsville, KY 42240

    Friendship House Hopkinsville is a place where Christians take care of seniors who need help with activities of daily living. The staff can help with things like bathing, dressing, and eating. The facility has apartments for seniors who live independently or with assistance, and a nursing home for seniors who need more care. There are also activities available to seniors, like physical and social activities, trips out, and religious activities.

  • Sayre Christian Village
    Address 3775 Belleau Wood Dr., Lexington, KY 40517

    Sayre Christian Village helps people who cannot live by themselves. They have places for people to live and people to help them with daily tasks. There are also people who help with medical needs and a chaplain for spiritual needs. There are also organized activities, a beauty salon, a cafe, and a fitness center.


  • St. Anthony’s Garden
    Address 601 Holy Trinity Dr., Covington, LA 70433

    St. Anthony’s Gardens is a Christian assisted living and memory care facility that is inclusive to everyone. Residents can choose to have gourmet meals delivered to their rooms or eat in a restaurant-style dining room. Caregivers help with things like taking medication, eating, and grooming. There is also transportation and weekly housekeeping provided, as well as social activities and outdoor areas for relaxation and entertainment.


  • Christian Care of Maryland
    Address 12947 Harford Rd., Hydes, MD 21082

    Christian Care of Maryland offers long-term and short-term care in a community that feels like home. Residents receive assistance with tasks of daily living, such as personal care, grocery shopping and transportation. The team of caregivers, including registered nurses, is available 24/7 to assist residents. Seniors can take part in scheduled activities and entertainment that’s designed to optimize their physical and mental well-being.


  • Whitinsville Retirement Society
    Address 10 Chestnut St., Whitinsville, MA 01588

    The Whitinsville Retirement Society operates a Christian senior living community that has 24 independent living units. The estate is 9 acres and it is beautiful. It is perfect for seniors who like spending time outdoors. Residents can choose between studios, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments, or a private room in the retirement home. Residents have access to 24/7 staff, as well as organized activities and outings.


  • Edison Christian Assisted Living
    Address 1010 Edison Ave. NW., Grand Rapids, MI 49504

    Edison Christian Assisted Living is an assisted living facility for seniors with 30 wheelchair-accessible rooms. Caregivers help with eating, bathing, and managing medications. Emergency staff is always available, and physicians provide specialized treatments and therapies. Residents eat three meals a day in community dining rooms. Recreational and social activities give seniors entertainment.

  • Church of Christ Care Center
    Address 23575 15 Mile Rd., Clinton Twp., MI 48035

    The Church of Christ Care Community has a lot of different types of living arrangements for different types of people. Some people need help with everyday tasks and some don’t. Some people live there short-term and some live there long-term. Residents receive three meals per day, comfortable rooms tended by housekeeping staff and 24/7 care from licensed and registered nurses. There’s a fully equipped beauty salon/barbershop and numerous social and spiritual activities. Additional on-site services include optometry and podiatry.


  • Benedictine Living Community-Osseo
    Address 625 Central Ave., Osseo, MN 55369

    The Benedictine Living Community at Osseo is a Catholic senior living residence staffed and overseen by members of the Order of St. Benedict. The Osseo community offers assisted living and memory care with on-staff nurses. Assisted living residents get help with daily tasks, and the memory care program encourages involvement with family members. Mass is offered weekly for residents who wish to attend.

  • Stonecrest
    Address 8725 Promenade Ln., Woodbury, MN 55125

    Stonecrest is a Christian community that offers independent living, assisted living and memory care services. It provides fully equipped apartment homes alongside housekeeping, personal care and daily meals. Residents keep busy with a monthly social calendar, which is packed with activities such as educational classes and chapel services.


  • Seashore Highlands
    Address 12170 Highland Way, Gulfport, MS 39503

    Seashore Highlands is a Christian community that offers independent living, skilled nursing, and assisted living to older adults. Services include help with activities of daily living, 24/7 nursing care, medication management, and three meals a day. The community is pet friendly and has an active social calendar. Transportation is provided to events and appointments.

  • Sunnybrook Estates
    Address 200 Serenity Ln., Madison, MS 39110

    Sunnybrook Estates is an independent living community for Christians. There are 109 apartments, and residents can choose from four floor plans. The community has a library, beauty shop, movie theater, and exercise room.


  • Spring River Christian Village
    Address 201 S. Northpark Ln., Joplin, MO 64801

    Spring River Christian Village offers different levels of care, depending on what each resident needs. This can include independent and assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing, and hospice care. There are also activities that residents can do to stay active and engaged with the community.

  • Christian Extended Care & Rehabilitation
    Address 11160 Village N. Dr., St. Louis, MO 63136

    Christian Extended Care and Rehabilitation is a place where seniors can go for short-term rehabilitation or long-term nursing care. Services include 24-hour nursing, care management, daily therapy, and hospice care. The campus is situated on 45 acres and offers private suites, family gathering areas, a salon, a library, and a nondenominational chapel. Residents can enjoy activities such as gardening and baking.


  • Christian Homes
    Address 1923 W. 4th Ave., Holdrege, NE 68949

    Christian Homes has a big campus with different types of living for seniors. There is assisted living for people who need help with some things and independent living for people who don’t need help. There is also a place for people who need someone to take care of them all the time and a place for people who are going to die soon. People in the assisted living part have their own bedrooms and get help with things they can’t do, like taking their medicine and eating meals. People in the independent living part can buy or rent their own apartments.

  • Via Christe
    Address 3636 California St., Omaha, NE 68131

    Via Christie is an assisted living facility for Christian seniors. It provides private apartments with staff and support based on each resident’s needs. Residents can enjoy fresh, nutritious meals daily and regular activities that are designed to meet their social, emotional and spiritual needs.

New Jersey

  • Longview, A Christian Health Community
    Address 311 Sicomac Ave., Wyckoff, NJ 07481

    Longview is an assisted living facility for Christians. It offers studios and one-bedroom apartments. Residents can enjoy restaurant-style meals in the dining room or visit the cafe, and the community calendar offers regular opportunities for social and spiritual enrichment. The experienced staff provides personalized assistance as required, and housekeeping is offered weekly.

  • Wiley Christian Retirement Community
    Address 99 E. Main St., Marlton, NJ 08053

    Wiley Christian Retirement Community is for adults aged 62+. The community includes houses, apartments, studios and private rooms. There are also places to eat and socialize. Activities include live music events and programs with children.

New York

  • Christian Fellowship House
    Address 369 Split Rock Rd., Syosset, NY 11791

    Christian Fellowship House is a place where people can live and get help with things they need. It is for 45 people. There are people who can help with things like taking care of yourself and your medicine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also do fun activities at Christian Fellowship House, like crafts, games, pet therapy, and fitness classes. You can also go to church services and shopping trips in the local area if you want to.

North Carolina

  • Piedmont Christian Home Inc
    Address 1510 Deep River Rd., High Point, NC 27265

    Piedmont Christian Home Inc is a place where seniors can live and get help with activities of daily living. The caregivers there closely monitor residents’ health and assist them as needed. The seniors are encouraged to participate in activities that are designed to improve their cognitive abilities, while also being able to enjoy their individual interests and hobbies.

  • Pittsboro Christian Village Inc
    Address 1825 East St., Pittsboro, NC 27312

    Pittsboro Christian Village Inc. is a religious assisted living facility. The building is for old people who need help and offers three different places to stay: freestanding homes, one- and two- bedroom apartments, and care homes. There are also extra features like an outdoor swimming pool, a safe walking area and transportation around town.

  • Missouri Slope
    Address 4916 N. Washington St., Bismarck, ND 58503

    Missouri Slope is a care facility that is built on Christian values. It provides seniors with long-term care, memory care, assisted living, adult day care and therapy services in a well-kept facility equipped with advanced technology. It features an on-site chapel and full-time ELCA pastor, as well as a spa and salon designed for older adults.

  • Bethel Lutheran Home
    Address 1515 2nd Ave. W., Williston, ND 58801

    Bethel Lutheran Home is a Christian senior living community that offers skilled nursing, assisted living, adult day care, independent living and memory care. A full-time chaplain meets the spiritual needs of residents, and worship services are held throughout the week. Additional activities include exercise classes, holiday celebrations, ice cream socials and movie nights.


  • Willow Brook Christian Village
    Address 100 Willow Brook Way S., Delaware, OH 43015

    Willow Brook Christian Village offers seniors different types of care, from living alone to having someone help them 24/7. One and two-bedroom apartments and homes are available, some with garages. The Courtyard Restaurant serves lunches and evening meals, and activities include live musical performances, plays and fitness classes. Surrounded by mature woodland, residents can take walks in the beautiful surroundings.

  • The Christian Village at Mt Healthy
    Address 8097 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45231

    The Christian Village at Mt. Healthy is an assisted living facility for Christians located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The facility provides memory support, nursing care, assisted living and restorative care for seniors. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and residents can enjoy recreational activities and amenities.


  • Stillwater Christian Villa
    Address 1810 N. Washington St., Stillwater, OK 74075

    Stillwater Christian Villa is an independent living community that is family-owned and based on Christianity. A few extra services are included, such as two daily meals and light housekeeping. There are different types of apartments available, like studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. Different activities are available too, like Bible study, worship services, exercise classes, and special occasion celebrations.

  • Living Rose Christian Assisted
    Address 1108 N. Fern Ave., Broken Arrow, OK 74012

    Living Rose Christian Assisted Living Home has private and semiprivate rooms. The residence is small and only has a few people living there. This means that each person gets more attention from caregivers. There are three meals a day, daily activities, laundry services, and transportation to scheduled events. A registered nurse consultant and certified nursing assistants provide supervision 24 hours a day. The team also coordinates home health visits and therapies.


  • Parkview Christian Retirement Community
    Address 1825 NE. 108th Ave., Portland, OR 97220

    Parkview Christian Retirement Community is a place where seniors can live independently or with help. There are different floor plans depending on how many bedrooms you want and all of them come with a kitchenette and cable TV connection. If you need help, there are registered nurses to consult with you and we have wellness programs. We also have transportation available to take you to medical appointments. Independent living residents have access to reserved off-street parking and extra storage units.

  • Willamette Lutheran Retirement
    Address 7693 Wheatland Rd. N., Keizer, OR 97303

    The Willamette Lutheran Retirement Community is a place for seniors that is connected to the Christian religion. It has different types of homes and care options, including independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing. This community also has a chapel, restaurants, and a recreation center on the property. Additionally, all residents can get help 24 hours a day if they need it and housekeeping services are included.


  • Countryside Christian Community
    Address 200 Bellann Ct., Annville, PA 17003

    Countryside Christian Community is a place where seniors can live and get help if they need it. This includes having someone to talk to, help with their health, and a place to live. There are also places on the property for people to worship, 24-hour security, and a way to get to doctor’s appointments. People who live in the cottages have their own full kitchen, a washer and dryer, and a garage. People who live in the apartments have utilities included in their rent.

  • Christ’s Home, Senior Services

    Christ’s Home Senior Services is a community for seniors that offers different types of care, including skilled rehab, memory care and personal care services. Residents of personal care can enjoy daily support with the activities of daily living and moderate nursing care. The community is spread out over 84 acres and features a clubhouse, recreation center, indoor pool and chapel.

South Carolina

  • Heritage Lifestyle Communities
    Address 375 Star Light Dr., Fort Mill, SC 29715

    Heritage Lifestyle Communities is an adult community for seniors who want stay active and help with the Christian mission. The community has things that seniors need like a weight room, gathering lounge, social activities, and a hotel for guests.

  • Dominion Senior Living of Anderson
    Address 3461 N. Hwy. 81, Anderson, SC 29621

    Dominion Senior Living of Anderson is a Christian retirement community that helps people with things they have trouble doing and also provides care for those with memory problems. Memory care programs offer different levels of help depending on how severe the memory problem is, and can also include activities to make life more enjoyable and worship services.

South Dakota

  • Dow Rummel Village
    Address 1321 W. Dow Rummel St., Sioux Falls, SD 57104

    Dow Rummel Village is a Christian senior living community that offers several care levels, including independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing care. It also has different types of apartments, like studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Plus, there are caregivers and registered nurses at the community 24/7 in case residents need help. And if residents want to do activities or go somewhere on the property, they can go to the two chapels, the putting green or the indoor heated pool.

  • Avera Prince of Peace Retirement Community
    Address 4513 S. Prince of Peace Pl. Suite 1, Sioux Falls, SD 57103

    Avera Prince of Peace Retirement Community offers a range of care for seniors. The Christian-based senior living community features independent living apartments, assisted living apartments and skilled nursing suites. Throughout the day, residents can stroll through outdoor courtyards, meet up at the on-site cafe for lunch or participate in Chapel services.


  • Heartland Christian Tower
    Address 3027 Fernbrook Ln., Nashville, TN 37214

    Heartland Christian Tower is an affordable senior housing community for people who are 62 years old or above. It has apartments with one bedroom, wall-to-wall carpeting, and views of the area. Pets are allowed in this community, and there is no smoking allowed. Additionally, there are handicap-accessible units and on-site laundry. Heartland Christian Tower provides 24-hour maintenance and has an emergency call system in its secure facility.

  • Christian Assisted Living of Johnson City
    Address 213 University Pkwy., Johnson City, TN 37604

    Christian Assisted Living of Johnson City is an assisted living and memory care facility that provides residents with quality care in a secure environment. The facility’s nurses are available 24 hours a day to offer medication management services. Seniors have personal laundry and routine housekeeping services. Residents are served three well-balanced meals daily and have access to transportation for physicians’ appointments.


  • Christian Village Senior Apartments
    Address 4225 Billie Bolin Dr., San Angelo, TX 76904

    Christian Village Senior Apartments is a 150-unit community for residents 55 and up. The low-rise building has a landscaped courtyard with off-street parking and 24-hour emergency maintenance response. There is an on-site beauty shop and laundry facilities for added convenience. The community offers Section 8 housing assistance.

  • Christian Care Communities and Services
    Address 900 Wiggins Pkwy., Mesquite, TX 75150

    Christian Care Communities and Services – Mesquite is a place where people can live without having to do much work. There are people who will help you with things that you cannot do on your own, like taking care of your memory and providing skilled nursing services. You can also get hospice care here. The apartments have their own full kitchens and patios that overlook 26 acres of pretty landscaping. You will also be able to enjoy restaurant-style dining and access to a top-notch theater. If you have friends or family members who come to visit, there are also beautiful guest suites available for them to use.


  • Our Lady Of Providence
    Address 47 W. Spring St., Winooski, VT 05404

    Our Lady of Providence is a Christian-based residential care community. It takes pride in providing personalized, supportive care to residents. The community has 46 private rooms with bathrooms, restaurant-style dining, weekly housekeeping and laundry, free scheduled transportation, an engaging social calendar and compassionate spiritual guidance.


  • Stuarts Draft Retirement Community and Christian Homes
    Address 94 Mountain Vista Dr., Stuarts Draft, VA 24477

    Stuarts Draft Retirement Community and Christian Homes is a retirement community owned by a family. It is for Christians. People who live there can get help with things they cannot do themselves. There are also places for people who do not need help. Every room has a system so staff can come if someone needs help. Staff are available all day and night to help with things like taking medicine or doing other tasks. The community also has a place where people can get their hair cut and an activity center with different activities every day.

  • Lynn House-Potomac Valley
    Address 4400 W. Braddock Rd., Alexandria, VA 22304

    Lynn House is a Christian Science nursing provider that offers faith-based care for those who need prayerful healing. Lynn House has six residential rooms and provides flexible care. Seniors have the option of around-the-clock assistance from trained personal care aides who assist with tasks residents may find challenging, such as dressing and grooming.


  • Christian Health Care Center
    Address 855 Aaron Dr., Lynden, WA 98264

    Christian Health Care Center offers care for people who need help with activities of daily living and recreational activities. Some of these activities include board games, bingo, crafts, and movie nights. Staff is available to help with medical needs and trained staff is available to help with activities of daily living.

  • Parkview Christian Retirement Community
    Address 1825 NE. 108th Ave., Portland, OR 97220

    The Parkview Christian Retirement Community is a place for seniors to live independently or with some help. The staff will help you with things you need and also have a wellness program that has classes to help with different health needs. There are also recreational activities available like crafts, art projects, and informational seminars. You can also visit different places nearby.

West Virginia

  • Love & Care Assisted Livng, Inc.
    Address 5368 Dupont Rd., Parkersburg, WV 26101

    Love & Care Assisted Living is a Christian retirement community where residents can get help with personal care, meals and medication. The cost of care also covers weekly laundry and housekeeping services. Seniors can engage with their peers through games, puzzles and crafts. Weekly devotionals and exercise classes help residents maintain holistic well-being.


  • Christian Community Homes and Services
    Address 1320 Wisconsin St., Hudson, WI 54016

    Christian Community Homes and Services offers care for residents in its retirement community. The care is based on Christianity. There are different levels of care, including independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation. Spiritual services include music ministry and devotional study. Residents can also reserve time to speak with a chaplain one-on-one. Meals are served in a restaurant-style dining hall or on the patio.

  • Pine Haven Christian Communities Prairie Crossing Apartments
    Address 1280 Pine Haven Ln., Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

    Pine Haven Christian Communities Prairie Crossing Apartments has three levels of care: independent living, supported independent living and respite care. Each apartment has one or two bedrooms and its own walk-in spa bath. The cost of care includes light housekeeping services and three meals each day.


  • Kansas Christian Home
    Address 1035 SE. 3rd St., Newton, KS 67114

    Kansas Christian Home is a community for older adults that provides different types of living options, skilled nursing, and memory care. There is a Special Care Unit for residents who are struggling with memory loss and Post-Acute Care on-site. Residents receive help with things they need help with every day, activities, exercise programs, and transportation.

Financial Resources for Christian Senior Living 

A wide range of government and nonprofit organizations can help you access nutrition, housing, health care, and other needs as you age. Some national organizations are listed below. In addition, many charities around the country help their local communities. The internet is a good resource for finding assistance, or your church may be able to direct you to local organizations.

DescriptionAssistance AvailableContact
MedicareGovernment health insurance for eligible seniors and those with a disability.Pays for covered medical care. A premium is required for some types of coverage and there may also be copays and deductibles.(800) 633-4227
MedicaidA government-funded program that provides health insurance to low-income residents. Administered by individual states and eligibility requirements differ by location.Exact benefits differ according to the state. As a minimum, Medicaid covers medical expenses, nursing home care, and some home health care. Assisted living may also be covered depending on the state and waiver programs available.Contact state offices
Department of Veterans AffairsProvides assistance to people who served in the U.S. military, as well as some family members of veterans.There are a wide range of benefits available to veterans, including health care and pensions. Older veterans may be eligible for Aid and Attendance benefits, which can help pay for senior care.(800) 698-2411
Catholic Charities USAHelps people of all faiths who are struggling with poverty.Operates affordable housing throughout the country, including senior communities. CCUSA also has food and health services available through local agencies.(703) 549-1390
Salvation Army of AmericaAn evangelical organization that provides services to meet the needs of people without discrimination.Services for older Americans include housing assistance, community centers and adult day care. Seniors can also access other services such as veterans support, rehabilitation and food pantries.(800) 725-2769
Meals on Wheels AmericaNational organization that helps homebound seniors access nutrition.Volunteers deliver meals to seniors, which also ensures recipients are checked on regularly and get social interaction. Local agencies may have other services available, such as congregate meals and food for pets.(888) 998-6325
Social Security AdministrationProvides financial protection for American residents.Seniors may be eligible for retirement or disability benefits through the SSA. Many states also supplement Social Security payments for certain recipients, which can help pay for senior living.(800) 772-1213
Tax Credit for the Elderly and DisabledThe IRS has a tax credit available for people aged 65 and older, or those who are totally and permanently disabled.This provides a federal income tax credit to seniors who meet the income limits. The amount ranges from $3,750 to $7,500.(800) 829-1040
Area Agencies on AgingAAAs are found in every state and help seniors access aging-related resources in their local area.Services differ based on the needs of the local population. Every AAA has experts who can refer seniors to local resources and services. Many also offer assistance directly. Services may include senior centers, health insurance counseling, home care, legal aid and nutrition assistance.Contact local offices