Better Living For Seniors

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9712 Enniskeen Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89129


Care Types: Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s Care


The first reason to choose Better Living is … we provide a high-standard and high-level of care to our Residents.

We are licensed and endorsed to the highest level of care a Residential Group Home can have in the State of Nevada. We can care for and retain our Residents who have very diverse health conditions. This is very important as you do not have to worry about having to move your loved one to another facility if their health deteriorates. We can care for almost any health condition up to the point the Resident would need 24-hour skilled nursing care. With a couple of exceptions, we can care for Residents who suffer from a multitude of health conditions and here are just a few: …. SHOW MORE

  • Chronic Illnesses such as Memory Care (Dementia/Alzheimer’s), Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Asthma, Heart Disease, COPD, Stroke, Obesity, Osteoporosis
  • Terminal Illnesses such as Cancer, Lung Disease, ALS, Liver Disease
  • Physical Disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Cord Injuries, Stroke

The second reason is we make this process an easy transition for you and your loved one.

Choosing a home to move your loved one into is a very stressful and trying process. We understand this is an emotional undertaking and we sympathize with this very difficult choice. Therefore, if we are fortunate enough to be your choice, then our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible, we will assist you through the entire process of paperwork, medical testing, room and equipment set-up, and finally transporting your loved one to their new home.

And finally, the third and most important reason is OUR ambitions are the same as YOURS.

At Better Living, we want your loved one to feel …


  • 1. The Home is Located in a Safe Neighborhood
  • 2. 24/7 Supervision and Care
  • 3. Third-Party Examiners and Overseers


  • 1. We Provide a High-Level of Non-Medical Caregiving Services
  • 2. We Provide a High-Standard of Care (Caregivers are well trained and certified)


  • 1. Comforts of Home
  • 2. Personal Decoration Encouraged