With the new year in full swing, many seniors are starting to plan for the future. For some it is taking steps to improve their health, while others might be setting a goal to socialize more. Then there are those who are beginning to explore and evaluate their senior care options.

Before planning for the future, it’s important to step back and reflect on the past year:

  • Were there any events that jeopardized your safety?
  • Did you have trouble keeping up with your responsibilities?
  • Did you experience difficulty maintaining your health?

A pattern of any of these can make seniors and their families consider whether 2019 is the right time to move to retirement housing. Here are a few instances that may make you start the search if they occurred in the past year.

Is It Time to Consider Moving to Senior Living?

  1. Increased accidents

With age, not only do accidents occur more frequently, but older bodies also have a harder time recovering. A minor fall can easily result in a major injury.

When you reflect on last year, did you notice an increase in accidents? Maybe you had more trips to the ER than usual, or perhaps you fell more often. A pattern of increased accidents usually indicates that you can benefit from retirement housing.

  1. Difficulty leaving the home

A recent study showed a positive correlation between leaving the house and longevity in older adults. However, many older adults have functional impairments that can affect their ability to leave the house. Mobility issues, lack of transportation, and health conditions are a few reasons why seniors may struggle to get out.

If you feel like many barriers prevent you from leaving home, you may benefit from retirement housing. Many communities provide on-site life enrichment opportunities and offer transportation services that make it easier for you to get out.

  1. Trouble maintaining the home

Aging often results in a decline in physical strength. It’s also more common for older adults to have medical conditions and take medication. Each of these factors can make it more difficult to keep up with housework.

If you have a hard time keeping up with household chores, you may benefit by moving to a senior living home. Many communities have cleaning services and staff available to help with maintenance.

  1. Lack of socialization

Socialization is essential for your well-being. Unfortunately, many seniors find their social circles shrinking with age. The loss of loved ones and fewer opportunities to meet people can make it hard to stay social.

A retirement home may be a better option as they usually include plenty of opportunities to socialize.


  1. Cognitive impairment

Conditions that affect your cognitive abilities, like Alzheimer’s, can interfere with longevity. Cognitive impairment can cause seniors to forget to do important tasks like turning off the stove and taking their medication.

If you or a senior loved one have a cognitive impairment, senior living communities offer many benefits. Many offer specialized memory care programs that can help increase the quality of life for adults with dementia.

Need Help Deciding?

The decision to move to a retirement community is rarely easy. Many age-related changes take place gradually, making them nearly impossible to notice. If you are struggling to determine if it’s time to move, feel free to take advantage of our complimentary senior care advising service.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Unsplash