Is a CCRC for you or your loved one?

Below are a number of considerations to help you determine if a move to a CCRC is for you. Print out this guide to take with you when you visit a community.

Yes No N/A
I want to remain independent as long as I am able
I have concerns about my health.
Emergency medical help is important to me.
Housekeeping assistance would be helpful to me.
I would like assistance with home maintenance and repairs.
I would like assistance with some outdoor maintenance.
I would enjoy the opportunity to meet new people in a social setting.
I would like planned social and recreational activities.
I would like transportation service available.
I would like meals prepared for me.
I am willing to move from where I live now.
I would feel safer if I moved somewhere else.

What to look for when visiting a CCRC

The following is a service checklist to help guide you. Determine whether each service is included in the fees or is available for an additional charge.

__ I want to remain independent as long as I am able.
__ Barber/beauty shop_ Laundry facilities and services.
__ Kitchen appliances (kitchen or kitchenette in unit)_________________
__ Bathrooms (full private bathrooms in units, step-in showers).
__ Handicapped access.
__ Guest accommodations
__ Parking (garage, carport or in the open)
__ Scheduled transportation
__ Storage
__ Meals (number per day and ability to meet special dietary needs); tray service (if ordered by a doctor) _____________________
__ Telephone services
__ Safety Features (emergency pull cords or call systems in apartments, fire sprinklers & smoke alarms, ample lighting).
__ Security System
__ Exercise programs, including recreational activities.
__ Staff (available 24 hours a day, helpful, appropriate ratio, strong management reputation
__ Housekeeping (linen availability)
__ Dining Facility (proximity to apartment, cleanliness)
__ Facility (overall appearance, maintenance)

Have you requested

__ Resident as guide?

__ Lunch with residents?

__ Tour of entire community?

__ Guest site available for overnight stay?
__ What was your feeling when you toured the community? ___________________________
__Was there activity in the main lounge?
__ Was mealtime in the dining room pleasant?
__ Were any residents using the activities room?
__ Were any residents using the exercise facilities?
__ Was there activity in the library or other common areas?
__ Are carpets and furniture clean?
__ Are amenities operating?
__ Was staff friendly and respectful?
__ Did staff know residents by name?
__ Have the common areas and apartments been designed to allow you to live as easily and independently as you would like? 
Other observations you feel are important? _________________________ 
__ What percentage of the apartments have been rented and are occupied?  _________________________ 
__ Is the management staff experienced? Effective? Friendly and personable? _________________________
__ Does the community have a good reputation in the local community?
__ Your thoughts and feelings about your visit: _________________________
Although you may have additional questions and insights, please use this as a guideline to assist with your initial tour and information gathering.Photo by STIL on Unsplash