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1968 Sunrise Dr, Montrose, CO, 81401

Call for Pricing: (888) 482-8414
  Independent Living  
  Assisted Living  
  Alzheimer's Care  

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1819 Pavilion Dr, Montrose, CO, 81401

Call for Pricing: (888) 860-9875
  Assisted Living  

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2897 Orchard Ave, Grand Junction, CO, 81501

Call for Pricing: (866) 240-9324
  Assisted Living  

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565 28 1/4 Rd, Grand Junction, CO, 81501

Call for Pricing: (888) 537-6850
  Assisted Living  

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445 Sandia Dr, Grand Junction, CO, 81507

Call for Pricing: (888) 404-0913
  Assisted Living  

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2680 N 15th St, Grand Junction, CO, 81506

Call for Pricing: (888) 472-6280
  Assisted Living  
In the spirit of love, Bethesda Adult Communities provides an environment where vintage lives blossom. We strive to cultivate a vibrant,... read more

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750 8th St, Olathe, CO, 81425

Call for Pricing: (877) 256-1793
  Nursing Care  

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227 REBEKAH DR, Olathe, CO, 81425

Call for Pricing: (866) 596-8258
  Low Income-Affordable  

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What is Assisted Living?

Hundreds of thousands of American seniors utilize assisted living, a figure that is only growing. For these seniors, assisted living combines residential housing,assistance in daily activities, and some healthcare. These communities also strive to provide an atmosphere that is comfortable and engaging for their residents... Read More

Senior Care Data Points

How big is the number of caregiving households in the US for 50 and over persons and seniors?

By the year 2007, the number of caregiving households in the U.S. for persons aged 50+ could reach 39 million.

Source: National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP 2009

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There are 8 senior living communities, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Continuing Care(CCRC) and more in Olathe, CO. Find Olathe senior housing options with a variety of offerings that match your needs.
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