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1968 Sunrise Dr, Montrose, CO, 81401

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  Independent Living  
  Assisted Living  
  Alzheimer's Care  

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1819 Pavilion Dr, Montrose, CO, 81401

Call for Pricing: 8666377994
  Assisted Living  

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445 Sandia Dr, Grand Junction, CO, 81507

Call for Pricing: 8883050976
  Assisted Living  

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1043 Ridge St, Montrose, CO, 81401

Call for Pricing: 8882533165
  Nursing Care  

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1401 S Cascade Ave, Montrose, CO, 81401

Call for Pricing: 8777730141
  Nursing Care  

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637 N Nevada Ave, Montrose, CO, 81401

Call for Pricing: 8668008993
  Assisted Living  

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2710 Sunnyside Rd, Montrose, CO, 81401

Call for Pricing: 8883770574
  Assisted Living  
  Retirement Home  

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Senior Care Data Points

How many Americans reside in Senior Care facilities that require Long Term Care?

Roughly 1 million Americans reside in Senior Care facilities. An estimated 12 million Americans needed Long Term Care in 2007.

Source: SBDC – J Ortiz 2009; Center for American Progress – Long Term Care Services 2015

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