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NEAREST Independent Living

1104 6th Ave N, Great Falls, MT, 59401

  Independent Living  

    Emeritus at Cambridge Place is a 100% Independent Retirement Community which affords all the freedoms of living in your own home. ... read more

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1801 9th St S, Great Falls, MT, 59405

  Independent Living  

  Assisted Living  

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ALL nearby communities within Havre, MT

155 34th Ave W, Havre, MT, 59501

  Assisted Living  

  Alzheimer's Care  

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Potential Matches

20 W 3Rd St, Havre, MT, 59501


// Call for Pricing: (877) 345-1705 //

Call for Pricing: (877) 345-1705

//  Retirement Home  

  Retirement Home  

Rates from $

24 W 13th St, Havre, MT, 59501


// Call for Pricing: (877) 282-5094 //

Call for Pricing: (877) 282-5094

//  Nursing Care  

  Nursing Care  

Rates from $

1280 10th Street West, Havre, MT, 59501


// Call for Pricing: (877) 345-1722 //

Call for Pricing: (877) 345-1722

//  Low Income-Affordable  

  Low Income-Affordable  

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What is Alzheimer’s Care?

The facilities offer care that fosters residents' individual skills and interests in an environment that helps to diminish confusion and agitation. Specialty services are provided in a secure environment, such as activity programs designed to include reality orientation classes and specially trained professional staff skilled in handling the behavior associated with memory impairments. Many facilities that specializein Alzheimer's or related dementia disorders have building design features that assist with the problems associated with this disease: color-coded hallways, visual cues, and secure wandering paths for additional security... Read more

Senior Care Data Points

What a re the fastest growing jobs in the Senior Care industry and its’ predicted growth?

Direct-care workers - CNAs, Home Health Aides - are expected to be the largest occupational segment by 2020.

Source: 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics

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