staying active

Senior woman in closet talks on phone, as with a professional organizer.

A Professional Organizer Can Help You Downsize

Whether you plan to stay in your home as you age or want to downsize into a home that requires less maintenance, you may be daunted by the thought of… (Read More)

Senior man at swimming pool

Stay Fit at an Active Retirement Community

When Jack Lindquist’s doctor told him to find a place he’d like to live for the rest of his life, he and his wife looked at a dozen retirement communities… (Read More)

Seniors are susceptible to heat-related illness.

Beat the Heat With Cool Summertime Tips

The high temperatures of summer can bring high risk of heat-related illnesses for older people, who have more difficulty in adjusting to sudden changes in temperature. In addition, seniors are… (Read More)

Senior on the phone

Healthy Living for Lonely Seniors Includes Friendship

Loneliness can be a serious problem for older adults, especially when they are far from family, friends or a close-knit community. Lonely seniors suffer adverse effects on their health, as well. One… (Read More)

Exercises for seniors

7 Simple At-Home Exercises for Seniors

Not everyone can or is able to go to a gym to workout. But that shouldn’t keep anyone from doing simple, at-home exercises for seniors to help increase mobility. Balance exercises in particular… (Read More)


5 Tips for Successful Social Senior Living

Research has shown socially-active seniors are likely to live longer than those who live in isolation, so it’s important for both body and mind to stay social during the golden years.… (Read More)

seniors staying active

How to Stay Active After Retirement

You’ve worked so hard for this moment: retirement. You’ve worked hard, raised your kids, saved carefully, and now it’s time to cash in and do whatever you want. But blank… (Read More)


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