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Want a Good Laugh? Head to the Hospital

Every month, a group of older adults goes to Washington, D.C.’s Sibley Memorial Hospital, but they don’t see a doctor or get tests. They’re not sick. They come just for… (Read More)


7 Pieces of Advice on a Long Life From Centenarians

Centenarians share their perspective on the attitudes and habits that have helped them reach 100 years of age and more.

Dr. Christiane Northrup/PBS

Dr. Christiane Northrup’s 7 Steps to Getting Older Without Aging

If someone told you that you are aging gracefully, you might take it as a compliment. But Dr. Christiane Northrup, a leading authority in the field of women’s health and… (Read More)


Love Is in the Air: Dating at a Senior Living Community

There’s no reason for single seniors to feel alone in senior living communities. Here are four tips for these seniors to make the most of the dating scene.


Brain Exercise Tips of Memory Care Facilities

  Memory care facilities, designed to accommodate individuals who need some assistance with daily living because of memory loss, offer a range of activities designed to help residents cope with… (Read More)

Senior woman doing curl-ups

Stay Fit the Easy Way With Home Workouts

Advertisements for workout equipment might feature young fitness buffs, but that doesn’t mean home-based workouts should remain the purview of the under-30 crowd. Exercise is key to remaining healthy as you… (Read More)

Adult daughter and senior mother. For story about aged parents in need of care.

5 Keys to Recognizing That Your Parents Need a Change

Dad accidentally backed his car into a pole at the grocery store. Mom bounced a check. Your favorite aunt hasn’t visited the doctor for a checkup in a decade, and… (Read More)


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