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Senior couple buying house

House Hunting and Life Planning Go Hand in Hand

Mike Hirrlinger, CSHP, is division manager of the Senior Living Division at CENTURY 21 Mike Bowman Inc. He answered questions from our readers about finding a home for a parent.… (Read More)

Silvia Jansen/iStock

Watch Out—Seniors Are Falling More Often

Falls are the No. 1 cause for emergency room visits among older people, and according to a new study, more seniors are falling more often.

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Q&A With Lori Bitter on the ‘Grandparent Economy’

Baby boomers are changing the definition of aging in America. Lori Bitter, a consultant who specializes in engaging with mature consumers at The Business of Aging, delves into the changes… (Read More)

Ysbrand Cosijn/iStock/Thinkstock

6 Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Creating a safe home environment for yourself or your older loved ones is crucial. Household places and items that used to pose no problem may now be difficult or dangerous.… (Read More)


5 Common Money Mistakes Seniors Should Avoid

Retirement means no longer waking up at the crack of dawn and spending 45 minutes in traffic, but that doesn’t mean you should forget all your cares: you need to keep… (Read More)


Aging in Place: What You Need to Know

While there are many options in senior living communities, most older people prefer the home where they have been living. Staying in one’s home and one’s community as one ages… (Read More)

Senior woman on sofa in living room

How to Prioritize Senior Safety in Living Rooms

Retirees spend more time at home than most people. As a result, their living rooms get a lot of use—but they can be littered with hazards. Here’s a few ideas… (Read More)

Seniors are susceptible to heat-related illness.

Beat the Heat With Cool Summertime Tips

The high temperatures of summer can bring high risk of heat-related illnesses for older people, who have more difficulty in adjusting to sudden changes in temperature. In addition, seniors are… (Read More)

A casita suitable for aging in place.

In-Law Apartment: Let Your Home Make You Money

How you view your home changes as you pass through life: from a first apartment with roommates to a house in a great school district when you start a family.… (Read More)

Universal kitchen design - senior woman in wheelchair

Universal Design: A Home for All Generations

While not all homes are created with safety and comfort in mind, houses with “universal design” provide an attractive, stylish space that can accommodate everyone as their lifestyles and needs… (Read More)


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