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Seniors Can Find Their Passion and ‘Flow’ at Rossmoor

What makes a life worth living well into our later years? The answer to that question—as unique for each of us as our fingerprints—is regarded as the secret to happiness.… (Read More)

senior housing

How to Simplify Your Search for Senior Housing

Moving a loved one into a retirement community can be confusing and time consuming, but with planning and foresight, you can simplify the process. Level of Care The communities you… (Read More)

hands in prayer

What You’ll Find at Religious Retirement Communities

For many people, religion is a lifelong commitment that doesn’t retire. Seniors wishing to surround themselves with fellow faith-minded individuals can do so at a variety of retirement communities, and by… (Read More)

military retirement

Ten-Hut! Is a Military Retirement Community for You?

If you served in the United States military and don’t want to miss the camaraderie of fellow service members in your retirement years, you’re in luck: many retirement communities cater… (Read More)


No Dogs, Only Gators, Allowed at Postal Workers’ Retirement Community

If you’re a retired postal worker, the last thing you may want to see is a stack of mail or a territorial dog. At the nation’s only retirement community for… (Read More)

adult day care

What Is Adult Day Care?

An adult day care center is a facility that provides seniors with a safe and active environment during set business hours, typically on weekdays. Meals, socializing, exercise and assisted living… (Read More)

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Part-Time Jobs For Seniors a Good Way to Stay Busy

For senior citizens struggling with boredom in their retirement years, a part-time job can help keep them connected to their community while they earn extra cash and stay active. In… (Read More)

moving seniors

How to Make a Senior Living Community Feel More Like Home

When moving a loved one into a senior living facility, you can take steps to help make the transition easier and the new surroundings feel a bit more like home. Make… (Read More)

elderly woman

How to Transfer to a New Senior Housing Facility

Just because your loved one is in a senior housing facility does not mean they need to stay there. If they dislike the staff, have a hard time making friends,… (Read More)

senior veteran

A Hidden Benefit Worth Thousands for Senior Veterans

If you served your country in the military, you may be one of many senior veterans eligible to get help with paying for a nursing home, assisted living, or in-home… (Read More)


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