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8 Red Flags to Look for When Touring Assisted-Living Centers

  Finding the right assisted-living facility isn’t easy. But even if you can’t quite find the perfect place, you can at least avoid the worst ones by looking out for key… (Read More)


Brain Exercise Tips of Memory Care Facilities

  Memory care facilities, designed to accommodate individuals who need some assistance with daily living because of memory loss, offer a range of activities designed to help residents cope with… (Read More)

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Q&A With Lori Bitter on the ‘Grandparent Economy’

Baby boomers are changing the definition of aging in America. Lori Bitter, a consultant who specializes in engaging with mature consumers at The Business of Aging, delves into the changes… (Read More)


Take a Fresh Approach to Senior Housing Decision

  The start of a new year is the perfect time to take the reins on a decision you’ve been putting off. For many seniors, and relatives of seniors, this means… (Read More)

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Stay Fit the Easy Way With Home Workouts

Advertisements for workout equipment might feature young fitness buffs, but that doesn’t mean home-based workouts should remain the purview of the under-30 crowd. Exercise is key to remaining healthy as you… (Read More)

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How Baby Boomers Can Find a Home for Their Next Chapter

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 76.4 million baby boomers. This statistic has an interesting implication for the real estate market: Many baby boomers will be… (Read More)

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Find Volunteer Opportunities and Forge Connections

Being retired doesn’t mean you have to stop working. In fact, now that you have the luxury of time without many of the responsibilities of your younger years—a family to… (Read More)

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Quitclaim Deed Fraud Increasingly Targets Seniors

A quitclaim deed is a legal document for transferring ownership in a property to someone else. These deeds are most commonly used by family members to transfer ownership of a house—between… (Read More)

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Property Tax Exemptions Can Give Seniors a Break

Seniors often live on a fixed income, and they can face financial trouble when their property taxes rise. Even if their home is fully paid for, senior homeowners still must… (Read More)

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How to Resolve Problems With Senior Housing

Moving your parent into a nursing home or assisted living facility is stressful enough. But what if they start to call you with complaints about the service or care they… (Read More)


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