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caregiver stress

7 Signs Being a Caregiver Is Stressful

Whether it’s full-time or part-time, being a caregiver is stressful. Sometimes caregiving may be short-term, such as after a hospital stay, but in some instances your caregiving role could go on… (Read More)


Seniors Can Find Their Passion and ‘Flow’ at Rossmoor

What makes a life worth living well into our later years? The answer to that question—as unique for each of us as our fingerprints—is regarded as the secret to happiness.… (Read More)

hands in prayer

What You’ll Find at Religious Retirement Communities

For many people, religion is a lifelong commitment that doesn’t retire. Seniors wishing to surround themselves with fellow faith-minded individuals can do so at a variety of retirement communities, and by… (Read More)


No Dogs, Only Gators, Allowed at Postal Workers’ Retirement Community

If you’re a retired postal worker, the last thing you may want to see is a stack of mail or a territorial dog. At the nation’s only retirement community for… (Read More)

senior woman working coffee shop

Part-Time Jobs For Seniors a Good Way to Stay Busy

For senior citizens struggling with boredom in their retirement years, a part-time job can help keep them connected to their community while they earn extra cash and stay active. In… (Read More)

senior cohousing

Seniors Cohousing: Living Together, Supporting Each Other

Communal living isn’t just for recent college graduates. A cadre of retirees looking to downsize and age at home while retaining a vibrant community lifestyle have turned to cohousing developments.… (Read More)

seniors staying active

How to Stay Active After Retirement

You’ve worked so hard for this moment: retirement. You’ve worked hard, raised your kids, saved carefully, and now it’s time to cash in and do whatever you want. But blank… (Read More)

reverse mortgage

Is a Reverse Mortgage a Good Idea for Seniors?

Advertising campaigns with aging baby boomer celebrities tout the benefits of a reverse mortgage for seniors, but they don’t touch on some of the potential hazards of these loans. On… (Read More)

buying house parents

Buying a Home for Your Parents

While it’s fairly common for parents to provide down payment assistance or other financial help so their adult children can buy a house, eventually some adults decide it’s time for… (Read More)


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