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Senior woman sleeping in bed

5 Tips for Creating a Bedroom Safety Zone

Adults spend about one-third of their lives in bed, so it’s important for seniors to navigate around their bedrooms and get into bed safely. Making bedroom safety a priority can minimize a… (Read More)

Hurricane season warning sign

3 Important Hurricane Safety Tips for Seniors

Hurricanes affect coastal areas on a seasonal basis, as residents of those areas are well aware. But hurricane safety is especially important for older people. “They have a lot more… (Read More)

Seniors are susceptible to heat-related illness.

Beat the Heat With Cool Summertime Tips

The high temperatures of summer can bring high risk of heat-related illnesses for older people, who have more difficulty in adjusting to sudden changes in temperature. In addition, seniors are… (Read More)

Remote controlled lighting can be useful for seniors and improve home safety.

Home Safety for Seniors Made Easy

As seniors grow older, they often find their homes need to be upgraded to suit their changing needs. This includes simple, easy-to-do, home safety improvements to reduce their risk of falling… (Read More)

Senior woman painting in the park, as in artist retirement communities.

Get Creative at Artist Retirement Communities

Some artists never hang up their paint brushes, and maybe they shouldn’t. Many don’t even know they have the art bug until later in life when they have more time to… (Read More)

Universal kitchen design - senior woman in wheelchair

Universal Design: A Home for All Generations

While not all homes are created with safety and comfort in mind, houses with “universal design” provide an attractive, stylish space that can accommodate everyone as their lifestyles and needs… (Read More)

Mature couple packing to right-size their home.

4 Tips for Right-Sizing Your Home After Retirement

While there’s often an assumption you should downsize as you grow older, right-sizing your home to fit your lifestyle may be a better option. Right-sizing is the concept of making better… (Read More)

Exercises for seniors

7 Simple At-Home Exercises for Seniors

Not everyone can or is able to go to a gym to workout. But that shouldn’t keep anyone from doing simple, at-home exercises for seniors to help increase mobility. Balance exercises in particular… (Read More)

Senior community caregiver with a resident

Watch Out for Turnover With Senior Housing Caregivers

On your first visit to a senior housing community, you were impressed by several friendly and caring staff members. But on your second visit, half of them were nowhere to… (Read More)


5 Tips for Successful Social Senior Living

Research has shown socially-active seniors are likely to live longer than those who live in isolation, so it’s important for both body and mind to stay social during the golden years.… (Read More)


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