Advice for Family Caregivers

Mother and adult daughter share a moment. For a story on talking with aged parents about assisted living or continuing care.

How to Get a Parent to Consider a Retirement Community

Even if you know that moving your loved one into an assisted living, continuing care or other type of retirement community is the best option, broaching the subject isn’t easy. You… (Read More)


Aging in Place: What You Need to Know

While there are many options in senior living communities, most older people prefer the home where they have been living. Staying in one’s home and one’s community as one ages… (Read More)

Senior woman with her caregiver

How to Ease the Transition to Memory Care Living

Moving a loved one into memory care after you have chosen the right facility can be an undeniably difficult process. Understandably, you will want to make the transition as easy… (Read More)

Scams often target the elderly.

Beware These Scams Targeting Seniors

It’s a fact: the elderly are huge targets for scams. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network, 47% of all reported fraud complaints between 2011 and 2013 came from… (Read More)

Senior on the phone

Healthy Living for Lonely Seniors Includes Friendship

Loneliness can be a serious problem for older adults, especially when they are far from family, friends or a close-knit community. Lonely seniors suffer adverse effects on their health, as well. One… (Read More)

A casita suitable for aging in place.

In-Law Apartment: Let Your Home Make You Money

How you view your home changes as you pass through life: from a first apartment with roommates to a house in a great school district when you start a family.… (Read More)


How and When to Use a Long-Term Care Ombudsman 

Even if you have picked a long-term care facility for your loved one after much preparation, problems can still happen. If they do, you’ll want to nip them in the bud,… (Read More)

seniors medicaid

Do My Parents Qualify for Medicaid?

If you are confused about who can qualify for Medicaid, you aren’t alone. While Medicaid provides much-needed assistance for many seniors, figuring out what you can get—and how to get it—can be a… (Read More)


Housing and Living Options for Rural Seniors

If your elderly loved one lives in a remote area, you may worry about their well-being or their financial ability to keep their home safe and maintained. If that’s the… (Read More)

senior housing

How to Eat Well in Senior Housing

An important aspect of finding the right community is one with meals your loved one will look forward to—not grumble about. To find a senior housing community with the best food options,… (Read More)


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