Advice for Family Caregivers

Portrait of an elderly woman sitting alone in a senior care facility

A Top-Rated Nursing Home Is Hard to Find in Texas, 10 Other States

Residents of many parts of the country have few, if any, options for nursing homes with good ratings if they want their loved ones close by.

Sherri Snelling, author of "A Cast of Caregivers"

Sherri Snelling Talks About Planning Life for the Long Term

Caregiving expert Sherri Snelling talks about how seniors and their families need to consider the long term in deciding where to live, and how.


Best Practices for Financial Planning With Mom and Dad

It’s difficult for adult children to talk about finances with their aging parents, but it’s best to do it now—before an emergency happens.


5 Tips for Moving an Elderly Relative in Haste

Many times families are forced to make a decision about moving an elder loved one when there is a crisis. Here are five tips for that.

Family members gather for a holiday dinner.

How to Come Together for a Senior Living Family Conclave

To make the transition to a senior living facility easier on your loved one, you have to work together as a family. But it isn’t effortless.

Senior couple buying house

House Hunting and Life Planning Go Hand in Hand

Mike Hirrlinger, CSHP, is division manager of the Senior Living Division at CENTURY 21 Mike Bowman Inc. He answered questions from our readers about finding a home for a parent.… (Read More)

Mature couple worrying about finances at home. For article on taxes and selling your parents' home

Sold Your Parents’ Home in 2014? Check This Tax Advice

If you inherited property from your parents and you sold it in 2014, your tax bill will vary according to how you acquired the property and when.

Silvia Jansen/iStock

Watch Out—Seniors Are Falling More Often

Falls are the No. 1 cause for emergency room visits among older people, and according to a new study, more seniors are falling more often.


4 Serious Downsides of Living Alone

Many seniors shy away from the prospect of moving to a senior housing community. After decades of independence, they believe they’ll have to give up their freedom if they move, choosing… (Read More)


8 Red Flags to Look for When Touring Assisted-Living Centers

  Finding the right assisted-living facility isn’t easy. But even if you can’t quite find the perfect place, you can at least avoid the worst ones by looking out for key… (Read More)


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