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Want a Good Laugh? Head to the Hospital

Every month, a group of older adults goes to Washington, D.C.’s Sibley Memorial Hospital, but they don’t see a doctor or get tests. They’re not sick. They come just for… (Read More)

Portrait of an elderly woman sitting alone in a senior care facility

A Top-Rated Nursing Home Is Hard to Find in Texas, 10 Other States

Residents of many parts of the country have few, if any, options for nursing homes with good ratings if they want their loved ones close by.

Boomer couple relaxes at home

How Boomers Can Downsize and Find the Right Rental

Many retirees opt to sell their house and rent a smaller, less expensive place. But rentals are also popular with young people with, shall we say, different lifestyles. Here’s how to find a rental that’s right for you.

Nurse holds hand of elderly patient

Nursing Homes Try to Calm Dementia Patients Without Powerful Drugs

Antipsychotic drugs are traditionally deployed to control what are seen as problem behaviors in dementia patients. To comply with new federal guidelines, care facilities are scaling back use of such medications, but that requires new approaches and retraining staff.

Senior woman looking at a bank statement at her laptop in the kitchen.

Running Out of Money Is More Than Just a Worry for Many Seniors, Study Finds

Many older people, particularly those with medical conditions, worry about running out of money—and a new study shows those concerns are justified.

A senior couple sits in front of their home.

Considering a Reverse Mortgage? The Rules Have Changed

New regulations on reverse mortgages mean that 6% to 20% of applicants may no longer qualify for the loan. Here is what the process now looks like.

Sherri Snelling, author of "A Cast of Caregivers"

Sherri Snelling Talks About Planning Life for the Long Term

Caregiving expert Sherri Snelling talks about how seniors and their families need to consider the long term in deciding where to live, and how.

Socializing at Vi. Credit: Vi at Palo Alto

Senior Living in the Lap of Luxury

The luxury senior community is a growing niche for well-heeled patrons, with options ranging from age restriction to assisted living to continuing care.

iStock photo © JackF

How to Make Your Room Bloom With an Indoor Garden

Bring some color and fresh greenery into your room—create an indoor garden with these easy-to-grow plants.


Best Practices for Financial Planning With Mom and Dad

It’s difficult for adult children to talk about finances with their aging parents, but it’s best to do it now—before an emergency happens.


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