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With rates starting from $1399.00 to $1399.00 for these Independent Living, Assisted Living, Continuing Care(CCRC) and more communities.
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15155 W Mondell Rd, Surprise, AZ, 85374

Call for Pricing: (888) 416-3678
  Assisted Living  
Kingswood Place is a gracious assisted living community located in a quiet neighborhood in Surprise, Arizona, we are located just two miles... read more

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18510 N Parkview Pl, Surprise, AZ, 85374

Rates from $1399.00
  Independent Living  
Holiday Retirement provides a fulfilling, independent lifestyle in a welcoming environment. If you like your days sunny, dry and steeped... read more

Rates from $

15922 N 164th Ln, Surprise, AZ, 85388

Call for Pricing: (877) 432-9607
  Assisted Living  

Rates from $

16829 W Northampton Rd, Surprise, AZ, 85374

Call for Pricing: (888) 355-1747
  Assisted Living  

Rates from $

16407 W Rimrock St, Surprise, AZ, 85388

Call for Pricing: (866) 643-7367
  Assisted Living  
  Alzheimer's Care  
At A Paradise for Parents Home Care we provide exceptional care for the elderly in a fun, friendly setting. Our focus is on creating a... read more

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14405 N 151st Dr, Surprise, AZ, 85379

Call for Pricing: (866) 644-8107
  Assisted Living  
Our 8-bed care home is nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood with easy access to major hospitals, doctors’ offices, parks and... read more

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15111 N 172nd Dr, Surprise, AZ, 85388

Call for Pricing: (888) 472-6280
  Assisted Living  

Rates from $

15240 W Doll Ln, Surprise, AZ, 85374

Call for Pricing: (888) 305-5515
  Assisted Living  

The Gentle Care Home opened in 2004 and provides an elegant, warm, and relaxing residence for long and short term assisted living... read more

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14785 W Windrose Dr, Surprise, AZ, 85379

Call for Pricing: (888) 409-3218
  Assisted Living  

Rates from $

11550 N 150th Ln, Surprise, AZ, 85379

Call for Pricing: (888) 404-0913
  Assisted Living  
We’d like to introduce you to Adriel Care Home. No place is just like home, but we are as close as you can get. Our residents become a part... read more

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What is Alzheimer’s Care?

The facilities offer care that fosters residents' individual skills and interests in an environment that helps to diminish confusion and agitation. Specialty services are provided in a secure environment, such as activity programs designed to include reality orientation classes and specially trained professional staff skilled in handling the behavior associated with memory impairments. Many facilities that specializein Alzheimer's or related dementia disorders have building design features that assist with the problems associated with this disease: color-coded hallways, visual cues, and secure wandering paths for additional security... Read more

Senior Care Data Points

What percentage of people 65 and over is predicted to compose the population of the United States?

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that people over the age of 65 will comprise about 20% of the U.S. population by 2060.

Source: 2015 Medicare and You – National Medicare Handbook

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APFM Showcase senior living is important to get right. The APFM Showcase senior housing community that you choose will likely become your home. It won't just be some senior living facility. It will be the place you come home to. It will be the place where you socialize with friends. It will even be the place where you lay down at night, cook your meals, and where your family can always find you. With all those things in mind, it is of most importance that you choose the right senior living community.

From APFM Showcase 55+ communities, APFM Showcase senior apartments and independent living of APFM Showcase, to assisted living, APFM Showcase continuing care retirement communities, APFM Showcase Alzhiemer's care and nursing homes of APFM Showcase. You can find all kinds of senior living here so that you can find a place to live that meets your needs. You can also locate other types of APFM Showcase senior care providers, such as APFM Showcase respite care, APFM Showcase adult day care for seniors. offers a variety of senior housing options, and there may even be several types of senior living in APFM Showcase. What's more is that APFM Showcase senior housing communities vary by features, services, and amenities. It is recommended that prospective residents browse on and then contact senior living communities that are an ideal match.

Whatever you need, or whatever you want, you can find listings for APFM Showcase senior living here. View ideal APFM Showcase senior housing matches on
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